Plain C AVR library for ST7735 displays
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#ifndef _ST7735_FONT_H_
#define _ST7735_FONT_H_
#include <stdint.h>
#include <avr/pgmspace.h>
typedef struct { // Data stored PER GLYPH
uint16_t bitmapOffset; // Pointer into GFXfont->bitmap
uint8_t width, height; // Bitmap dimensions in pixels
uint8_t xAdvance; // Distance to advance cursor (x axis)
int8_t xOffset, yOffset; // Dist from cursor pos to UL corner
} GFXglyph;
typedef struct { // Data stored for FONT AS A WHOLE:
uint8_t *bitmap; // Glyph bitmaps, concatenated
GFXglyph *glyph; // Glyph array
uint8_t first, last; // ASCII extents
uint8_t yAdvance; // Newline distance (y axis)
} GFXfont;
void st7735_draw_text(int8_t x, int8_t y, char *text, const GFXfont *p_font, uint8_t size, uint16_t color);