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SSTV Testbed

Testbed for the satnogs PD120 decoder.

The flowgraphs in the repository are kept as close as possible to the PD120 observation flowgraph in gr-satnogs. The repo also contains some audio and IQ samoles to test the decoder.

Running the Tests

  1. Checkout the testbed repo
git clone
  1. Compile and setup gr-satnogs
git clone
git checkout  sstv-decoder
cd gr-satnogs
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
sudo make install
  1. Run the flowgraphs
cd sstv-testbed
  1. Check the results in the output folder


A quick rundown of the different files in this repo.

  • runs sstv_testbed_iq.grc on the samples in samples_iq
  • runs sstv_testbed_ogg.grc on the samples in samples_ogg
  • prototype of the rendering code in the decoder block
  • sstv_demod.grc prototype of the decoder flowgraph, produces demod.dat for
  • sstv_pd120_rtl.grc Receiver flowgraph for live testing with an rtl-sdr
  • sstv_testbed_iq.grc flowgraph for demodulating samples_iq
  • sstv_testbed_ogg.grc flowgraph for demodulating samples_ogg
  • stets up some environment variable to make gnuradio find all the shared object files. May be required on some systems.