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#include "message.h"
#include <stdlib.h>
// Wrapper for the inline functions in message.h
// Also enforces a consistent naming scheme for symbols in
struct twinkl_message* twinklmsg_create() {
struct twinkl_message* msg = malloc(sizeof(struct twinkl_message));
return msg;
void twinklmsg_reset(struct twinkl_message *msg) {
void twinklmsg_set_value(struct twinkl_message *msg, uint16_t chan, uint8_t value) {
twinkl_set_value(msg, chan, value);
void twinklmsg_unset_value(struct twinkl_message *msg, uint16_t chan) {
twinkl_unset_value(msg, chan);
void twinklmsg_set_priority(struct twinkl_message *msg, uint8_t priority) {
twinkl_set_priority(msg, priority);
void twinklmsg_destroy(struct twinkl_message* msg) {